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One corgi, two corgi, three corgi, four corgi…

Save these pictures before you lose it on your dash

this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen

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Touracao: Bruno Mars delighted the crowd on the 5th Edition of the Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival 2014


yasminmars_: Bae so fancy @BrunoMars

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These two know how to start a day. With dance.

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Between Dream and Life with @iamlubi and @iamfubi

To see more photos and videos from Lubi and Fubi’s colorful carioca life, follow @iamlubi and @iamfubi on Instagram.

Rio de Janeiro illustrator Luiza Bione’s (@iamlubi) portraits of herself as a colorful character named Lubi blur the line between daydreams and reality. Luiza has been documenting her life through colorful illustrations for as long as she can remember. As a small child she created a cartoon version of herself called Lubi and has been illustrating herself for the past 18 years. “Through illustration, even bad moments—like waking up with a bad hair day or sitting in traffic for hours—become funny. Drawing also makes virtually any scenario possible: if Lubi wants to visit the moon she can.” Luiza began using Instagram after her boyfriend Paulo Delvalle (@paulodelvalle) suggested it might be the perfect way to really bring Lubi to life, telling her story as if she were a real person. “Last year on Valentine’s day, Paulo made me a card asking me to be his girlfriend. He created an illustrated version of himself called Fubi, and that’s how (@iamfubi) was born. Since then, I’ve been drawing Lubi and Fubi based on our lives as well as all the things we dream of doing.”

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